Post-Deadline Patches, 3-15-17 and prior

We're now at three days past the deadline and I have uploaded a few new versions.   Again, I'll mention that you can get the official Game Jam version under the "Last Chance Build" link, reflecting the two days I got to work on it before the deadline.

I've added all sorts of improvements over the last week, including the weakened (damaged) versions of the monsters and generators, food and potion pickups, a whole slew of sound effects, and (as of today) level transition music and a proper dungeon generator.  Many of the changes that happened were in the code, various recodings and rebalancings you probably will not notice on the surface.

It's still awhile away from what I would call a really compelling game, but it feels a lot more like a roguelike with a real map generator in place. I think Gauntlet always had a somewhat maze-like quality to its dungeons, so that's basically what the generator is: a recursive backtracker maze algorithm.  The cell-based approach to map building adds a lot of flexibility; I could basically come up with all sorts of different cells and go from there.

I work the day job over the weekend, so there probably will not be much further improvements until Monday.  Although it might be wise to get back to my own projects, as this one obviously does not have much of a future due to the constraints (both in terms of design and legality) of my utilization of the Gauntlet concept.


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Mar 16, 2018

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