Post-Deadline Patch, 3-16-17

Since I noticed that the mobs are getting downright excessive in numbers,  I made a few changes today:

  1. The monster spawners will spawn monsters slower for each monster spawned.  (This should also be handy when I get around to scoring kills so people won't just sit around farming the same generator.)
  2. Added penetrating shots (which go through things when impacted) and AOE shots (which do damage to everything around the impact site).
  3. The Valkyrie's thrown sword penetrates 3 targets, the warrior's thrown axe does more damage  but only penetrates 2 targets.  The Wizard's fireballs do light AOE damage amount the point of impact.  The Elf's arrows neither penetrate nor do AOE damage, but he fires them twice as fast as anyone else.

I also changed the name of the pre-deadline download to be clearer.  It's no longer, "Last Chance Build" but rather, "Gauntlet Rogue: Last Submission Before The Deadline."


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Mar 17, 2018

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